About Us

Our Vision Statement

“To be the facility that parent carers and working age adults choose for themselves in order to fulfil their highest potential in a safe, fun and invigorating environment. By giving reassurance, dependability and flexibility to carers and a stimulating, safe environment for working age adults we enable them to achieve more than they visualise for themselves.

What Yarra means to us

The name Yarra originates from the language of the indigenous people of Australia known as Aborigines. Yarra Yarra is Aborigine for waterfall and is their name for one of the rivers that runs through the State of Victoria. The Yarra River runs from the Yarra Valley through Melbourne to the sea. Sue and Brian lived in Australia with their family for a couple of years and their love of the people, wildlife and county inspired them to call their business Yarra Services in honour of their time there. We strive to “walk gently on the earth”