Day Service

A photo of a group of service users enjoying a day at the beachWe offer a truly flexible service to meet all of the users personal outcomes as well as meeting the needs of the carers. We can provide transport, a light lunch and entrance into our program of planned activities. Everyone is encouraged to do as much as they possibly can with the support to meet their assessed needs. Working as a team and on an individual basis we hone the users existing skills with:

  • Using money – budgeting, recognising cost, using tills.
  • Cooking and baking – making meal choices, cooking, finding ingredients, meal preparation, remembering meals, safe use of the cooker and utensils, cleaning and washing up.
  • Gardening – safe use of equipment, planning, weeding, planting, watering and composting.
  • Animal care – cleaning out, changing bedding, watering and feeding.
  • Arts and crafts – producing seasonal, useful items using a variety of mediums e.g. pottery, sewing, paper- craft, bisque and candle making to gift to family or sell.

We encourage community inclusion and access community facilities in a planned variety of daily activities during the week. We undertake Sporting activity days such as Swimming, golfing, tennis, rowing, football, bowling, walking trails and the discovery centre. Access educational facilities such as museums and factories, as well as recreational activities such as cinemas, eating out, train journeys and pottery. Animal based days such as visiting farms, animal sanctuaries and rescue centres.

We also have “you choose” days in which our adults choose what we’re eating and what we’re doing, often with hilarious results, we ride on buses (and escalators) visit lawnmower shops have a cuppa in a new town, ride the train to a new place and get off in the most unusual place and find our way back. We use climbing walls and play Frisbee golf to name just a few examples.

All service users are supported to participate in choosing where we go and what we do and this is scheduled in as a planned activity, they then choose their favourite meal and help to buy it, make it and serve it to the others and staff.

We offer free taster sessions, contact us for more details.

A day with Yarra day service

Monday Activity
09.00-10.00 Pick up from home and arrive at the farm base
10.00-10.30 Choose a snack and help to make and dispense drinks to the others. After we have cleared away we choose the meals we will have for the week and decide what ingredients we need for those meals and make a list.
11.30-12.30 Upon their return we prepare and eat the lunchtime meal, everyone is expected to assist with meal prep and clearing away their own cutlery and crockery.
12.30-13.30 Into the van and arrive at the scheduled activity, today were going swimming
13.30-15.30 Swimming games and fitness at Walton swimming pool with our qualified lifeguard Zac.
15.30-16.30 Return to base for a drink
16.30-17.00 Return home.